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Get Dani Gibson’s top picks for the day’s races at PARX Racing. Her selections are informed by her many years of horse racing experience and knowledge. Learn about the various factors she considers when choosing her preferred horses daily.

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Betting 101

Betting on horse racing is more accessible than ever due to the arrival of online platforms like BetPARX. Despite seeming complex, the basic wagers, the heart of the sport, are pretty straightforward. These original or “straight” bets that beginners usually learn include win, place, and show.

Let’s break down the three wagers:

  1. Win: This bet needs your chosen horse to finish first.
  2. Place: This bet requires your horse to finish first or second, making it easier to cash in than a win bet.
  3. Show: The most straightforward bet to win is the ‘Show,’ which requires your horse to come first, second, or third.

For more information on how to wager, visit pennhorseracing.com!

About Dani

Dani Gibson is your go-to guide for PARX horse racing. She is dedicated to assisting both experienced and new horse race enthusiasts with valuable insights on betting and the ongoing races at PARX Racing. In addition to her expertise, Dani provides regular updates on jockeys, trainers, and the latest betting trends to help you make informed decisions for your wagers. Her comprehensive analysis and coverage of the sport have earned her a reputation as a reliable source of information for both casual observers and seasoned bettors alike. With Dani’s guidance and knowledge, you can confidently navigate the exciting world of PARX horse racing and enjoy a thrilling and potentially rewarding experience.

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